An In-Depth Guide: How to Sell a House



Find an Amazing Real Estate Agent

Partner with the John Fincham Group. John Fincham Group Agents know the market and will help you make the most money possible.


Prep House for Sale 

Some Ways to Prepare Your House:

1) Clean your house deeply.  2) Make any necessary renovations to your house. 3) Declutter storage spaces


Set a Price 

Your John Fincham Group Agent will help you set a realistic and competitive price for your house.

Key to Setting a Competitive Price: 

1) Stay objective!  2) Checking the price of other homes in the market  3) Not setting a high price and lowering it periodically.  


Start Showing Your Home

You can set up open houses or appointments with individuals.

Ask your John Fincham Group Agent how to properly set your home up for a showing. 


Review Your Offers

An offer to buy your home is a purchase agreement signed by the potential buyer that includes:

1) Amount of the offer.  2) Buyers payment method.  3) A time limit for the offer.

REMEMBER! Your John Fincham Group agent is your best ally during the negotiations and is equipped with the data and expertise to guide you.


Prepare for a Home Inspection

To Prepare for an Inspection: 

1) Clean your house.  2) Leave a note if anything doesn’t work and explain that you’re getting it fixed. 3) Provide documents about maintenance and repairs. 4) Leave the home


Prepare For Appraisal 

An appraisal is a professional who provides an objective valuation of your home and its worth.

To prepare for an appraisal:

1) Provide a list of all major renovations to your home. 2) Clean your house 3) Leave your home


Close on a Deal

Make Sure to: 

1) Keep all receipts and invoices and before-and-after photos of repairs. 2) Save your closing documents and home improvement records for taxes.

Congrats on selling your home, you did it!